Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How Long Can Marriage Last...In a Cocktail Setting?

I love the qualification in the Mark Hellinger endorsement: one of the best novels IN ITS CLASS. Just so we're not confusing it with Dostoyevsky or anything.


Gary said...

A coworker would call this "damning with faint praise."

Interesting bio of Hellinger in your link to Wikipedia. I knew that a theatre had been named for him here in NYC, but I didn't know about his film work.

I'll have to show the ad to my wife and ask her what she would write about her "party husband." Or maybe I shouldn't ask...

Adam Thornton said...

What could ANY wife do when her husband is holding a cocktail glass, beside a woman who is also holding a cocktail glass, with both of them sitting inside a GIANT cocktail glass?

Marriages break up for far less!

Dave Sailer said...

ONE of the best in its class. That HE HAS READ.

'ADD' and sophisticated, superficial boredom in 14 words. Now with crude bubbly doodles.

Contrariwise, Rebecca Coffey is delicious in any form: 'Carl Jung's Epiphany Cakes: A Memoir in Recipe Form' http://bit.ly/b53MYj