Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coming Up!

I'm not just sitting hunkered over the computer with my torn cartilage, rheumatic toes, and carpal tunnel, I'm totally active! And here are two events you can catch me at:

May 8th: "A Night Out with the Queens Part 2" at the Royal Canadian Galt Legion (4 Veterans Way, Galt)

I love a good legion, and I love a good hand-picked drag show with Victoria. Come out and see us perform! Doors at seven, show at eight, fun instantaneous.

May 12th: "A Truck Load of Poets" at DeSotos (1079 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto)

I'll be there as part of the release party for Jacknife Express #8, and I'll be -- gulp -- reading my fiction out loud for the first time in about fifteen years. Show from 8pm - 11pm.


Kimber said...

How very cool. Wish I could attend the fiction event. You'll be great! I find for myself that if I can get past the first three sentences and remember to take a breath, the rest of the reading starts to flow.

Just curious: do you read your fiction in drag?

Adam Thornton said...

As long as there's a lectern-thing so the paper doesn't resonate with my shaking hands!

This will be the first time I'll be reading anything while I have been seriously doing drag, so I'm not sure how to approach it. But this time I'll be in drag.

Morgan said...

May 12 - do u need a place 2 crash?

Morgan said...

May 12 - do u need a place to crash?

Adam Thornton said...

Thanks Morgan! But we're coming back to K/W right after the show, so I'll just be briefly crashing on the car's back seat.

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