Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bye, Tokyo Rose

You might have already heard that Iva Toguri, aka "Orphan Anne" and "Tokyo Rose," died yesterday in Chicago. Ever since I listened to the few surviving recordings of her show and read up about her tragic life, I've felt a certain affection for her.

If you want to hear a short clip of Iva saying goodbye back in 1945, click here.

On next week's episode of Repeater I'm going to try to play one of her shows (if I can find any that are audible enough). Yes I know the schedule is out-of-date...I'm not maintaining the site anymore, but it does tell you how to listen to the program.

See ya, Orphan deserved better.


VanillaJ said...

Seems typical of Americans to begin their witch hunts at the most inappropriate starting points. That's what you get for being the wrong colour in an unlucky situation. That's what you get for being a commanding radio personality.


Anonymous said...

Popular Western culture saw the Japanese in WWII the way it tends to see Arabs today.

We've come a long way, though. Back then she spent six years in prison after a rigged trial. Nowadays she'd spent six years in prison without even GETTING a trial. Plus they'd subject her to simulated drowning.

It's all so sad.
Muffy St. Bernard