Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Special Request!

A few days ago I put out an "open call" for requests in the Daily Muffy. I was thinking about "shackles," but it seems VanillaJ wanted something different. She asked for a picture of me tap-dancing while holding a spatula.

I know only enough tap to be dangerous, so I quickly turned off all the lights, cleared the apartment, and took this shot. I hope you're satisfied now, Vanilla!


VanillaJ said...

This picture in no way approaches my very specific fantasy of having a drag queen tap-ta-tapping in domestic servitude for my pleasure. I presume you do such a thing? You know, enacting outrageous requests for demanding yet unreciprocated wish fantasies. No?

Who's hiding in WHO'S BUM now?

Adam Thornton said...

Oh, you want something that depicts domestic servitude? I thought the spatula was just a random fantasy.

Hmmm, I'll see what I can do. And get out of my bum.

Anonymous said...

If the vaccuum didn't scare Ronnie so much, I'd say go for it...

Anything new from Smelly Girl? Has she at least added something to the cabbage she's cooking?


Adam Thornton said...

Yeah, poor Ronnie! She does most of the cooking, though, so maybe some domestic plant pictures are in order...

Smelly girl only eats her limburger-and-sauerkraut sandwiches once a day now, on average. On weekends though she does seem to revert.

I have it on good authority that smelly girl is eating "Kimchi," a traditional Korean dish made of many smelly foods. According to Wikipedia, "Most Koreans have a separate refrigerator to store kimchi. Kimchi is well-known for having a very distinguishable smell which can corrupt the odor and flavor of other foods." I wish she'd buy a separate refridgerator for her kimchee...on the other side of the city!

Kimchi has been linked to stomach cancer (I believe it!) and also has a reputation for being infected with parasite eggs. So if you see smelly girl, don't kiss her.