Sunday, October 15, 2006

An UPhold Update

I've got all these new UPhold songs, most of them finished, some of them in the last phases of tweaking, and a few things that I'm just starting to work on.

So what am I waiting for?

Well, several months ago I compiled the songs onto a CD (at that time called "False Memory") and prepared to send it to some independent labels. But when I sat down to actually listen to everything I couldn't shake the feeling that it was all a little dull, cold, and repetative.

Sometimes those are GOOD qualities -- and I've never shied away from them before -- but I had a critical loss of faith in the new songs and I shelved them in despair.

Now things are looking up. I don't know whether I'll release the new CD myself, or if some sweet label or distributor will do it for me. I also don't have a tracklisting or an official title yet. I've started discussions with a local company about filming a music video, which I'd like to do an awful lot.

In the meantime, AFE Records will be releasing a double CD-R 3" called "Our Past Present (Now Then)," with UPhold on one CD and The Infant Cycle on the other. I'm not sure of the actual release date -- there may be problems getting rights to the artwork -- but as soon as I know I'll drop a note here. And I'll also jump for joy!


VanillaJ said...

Congradulations Muffy! I can t wait to hear all about it when I get home. You re a star! And if you re wondering why this message is lacking punctuation, it s because Italian keyboards are fucked. OXO

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Don't worry, Vanilla...if I ever DO become a star I'm going to drag you up with me. You can be like that poor personal assistant who toadies around Anna Nicole Smith. We can get our smurfs pierced!

Come home, Vanilla! But have fun while you're there...