Saturday, December 23, 2006

Psst...Part 2

My home internet is still AWOL. I keep getting technical support people who say "sure, we'll fix it," but sound like they don't really mean it. So I may not be online in time for Christmas.

But oh, the stories about the new (as yet unnamed) apartment. Wait for pictures of Satan's Lazy Susan, which I unfortunately discovered in a kitchen cupboard...


Eli said...

I'm scared of Lazy Susan cupboards - at least, the sort where the doors spin in and out along with the three-quarter round shelves. I don't remember how many times I accidentally smashed my fingers in ours when I was a kid. Plus ours was dark and cave-like, and smelled like stale cooking oil and soy sauce. Yigh.

Hope the new place is good to you!

Anonymous said...

But who in the long chill laid me out?
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Muffy St. Bernard said...

I always found Lazy Susans intriguing, but somehow automatically dirty: too many gaps and moving parts that stuff can get stuck in. Though I never smashed my fingers!

I'm not sure if they build Lazy Susans anymore...this one is very definitely homemade. A really crafty person used to live in my apartment, obviously, and he or she built the niftiest bathroom medicine cabinet as well (pictures coming).

That person was followed, regrettably, by the dirty f*cking stoner.

Thanks for the well-wishes! My one big worry is about noise...once the new folks move in next door I'll have a better idea of what I'm up against.

d3 said...

My question is who was Susan and was she really so lazy that she deserved to have this device named after her? Why not Lazy Frank or Lazy Betty?

The same question could be applied to Sloppy Joes.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

The internet takes the joy out of every etymological question!

Nobody REALLY knows why it's called a "Lazy Susan." The contraption existed since the 1700s (supposedly Thomas Jefferson invented it) but it was always called a dumbwaiter...until the early 20th century. Then it suddenly became a "Lazy Susan."

The most credible theory is that a copy editor thought the words sounded good.

MY theory is that it's named after Susanna from the song "Oh Susanna." She keeps comin' 'round the mountain!

I leave Sloppy Joe to you.