Sunday, December 10, 2006

UPhold Update: The Final Stretch

The new UPhold CD -- "Damage" -- is finally ready. Well, the CD itself is...but the rest of the package still needs some work. Here's my to-do list, because apparently these sorts of things are helpful:
  • Change the print cartridges in my shabby-but-sweet printer.
  • Put together the CD packaging...simple this time, just a folded-over insert. And yes, that's the cover you're looking at up there.
  • Burn 34 copies of the CD. It's a limited edition, for several different reasons that are too dull to go into here.
  • Figure out how to use this "label-maker" kit I just bought, so the CDs at least have SOMEWHAT nice labels on them. I'm tired of sending them out covered with marker-scrawls.
  • Print the covers and labels for those 34 CDs I mentioned earlier (remember?)
  • Update the UPhold page so it actually looks useful.
  • Test PayPal to make sure I can send out money requests with it.
  • Update the myspace page I've been working on. Yes, myspace. Brrrrr.
  • Send free CDs to whoever it seems good to send them to.
For those who have been following the MP3 posts for the last few years, here are the songs on the CD, many of them slightly different from what was posted online:
  1. His Damage (4:59)
  2. The Demeaning Power of Tequila (5:06)
  3. Pillbox (4:26)
  4. Planque (Now, Then, and After) (10:23)
  5. Icebox (6:08)
  6. Bethsheba (7:21)
  7. The Burning Villa (Those, That, and Them) (7:06)
  8. Shoebox / His Damage (5:09)
I have my fingers crossed that all the kinks will be easily worked out, all the hurdles easily hurdled, and that I can start selling the CDs on January 1st.

Then what? A little single called "The Road to Avondale," coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! I've enjoyed the latest batch tracks... "Tequila" has a great sense of menace to it - "Bethsheba" too, in more subtle ways. I'll be looking forward to hearing the ones I missed.

And brrr, indeed. The other night I gave in and decided to join the evil empire, and spent something like an hour and a half just trying to register an account. Oh, the loathing. But I'll probably put my page up before long.

Adam Thornton said...

You may have noticed that myspace will not accept a Canadian postal code. Don't complain to them about this; apparently it's been happening for months.

The solution is to just log in as an American, with an American postal code (90210 seems popular!) then just change it later.

VanillaJ said...

Muffy! What an awesome cover for your new CD. Your obessive compulsive traits are well applied in the art work. Looking forward to hearing the music as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vanilla! It's something I used to do during boring Psychology lectures. This one took a few months to put together, but much of it was done in a spurt during my two weeks without can see Big Red near the bottom left-hand corner, next to our weekly breakfast. Lady Dufferin's also fishing in there.