Friday, June 22, 2007


I apologize for not updating the blog much during the last few weeks. Besides a general busy-ness (I'll be in Toronto this weekend staffing the Pridetoberfest booth, and in July I'll be playing a non-speaking role in a webcast film series) and ongoing work on a complicated UPhold track ("The Road to Avondale"), I've mostly been nursing my hand.

As work gets more hectic (and involves more quick fiddling with documents), the strain on my tendonitis gets more extreme, and the less I can do outside of work. This includes typing blogs, cooking, opening windows, picking stuff up, and generally being useful.

I've found that soaking it in icewater makes a world of difference. But it's awfully hard to type when one hand is completely submerged in icewater, believe me.

Hopefully things will get back on track on Monday. And I'm sure I'll have lots of adventures to tell y'all about...


Harry said...

Feel better, Muffy!

I liked your tag, "Ouch, my hand"!

Adam Thornton said...

Not to get too self-referential, but the tag is inspired by an SCTV parody of Michael Caine's move "The Hand." It's called "ARRRGH, My Bloody Hand." Truckers harass him, not because of his mismatched hand but because he has a silly accent.

If only somebody would make an ice-water glove...

Eric Little said...

And who says that the only occupational hazhard for writers is the name of the punk band in that Greek Chorus film, "Most Guys Today"?

By the way, if your idea of a "languishing" time period is one in which you still produce more entries than the number of days that have passed in the month, some of them epic in length, as well as hilarious, like "Classic Doctor Who...," well, I salute you.

Be well and have fun.