Monday, June 11, 2007

Shuffle On the MuffyPod

Everybody (and I mean everybody) is posting the first ten songs that show up during a random shuffle on their iPod, so I thought I'd better too:
  1. Bobby Solo -- Nits
  2. Danger Zone (Live) -- Nash the Slash
  3. Angel in Her Kiss -- Marc Almond
  4. For Tomorrow's Sorrows -- Toni Halliday
  5. I Need a Man -- Grace Jones
  6. Pimpf -- Depeche Mode
  7. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill -- The Beatles
  8. When You're Smiling -- Tones On Tail
  9. I'll Take Your Man -- Salt n' Pepper
  10. Be Like Me -- MDFMK
Caveat #1: If some of these seem like strange selections ("Pimpf?"), that's because I take an AOR approach to my iPod. I try to dump the whole album on there and only remove the REALLY bad songs.

Caveat #2: I didn't actually LISTEN to these songs. I'm still plodding through those Neil Young albums, which can make for either a really good or a really annoying workday.


Eric Little said...

Dammit! Another thing to do! ;)

But since I now have time to luxuriate and bloviate--
check it out.

Harry said...

Love this meme theme! Created a post on it



Adam Thornton said...

You can tell an awful lot about a person through an (honest) random look at their music!

And it's easy and fun, too. :)

Eric Little said...

Holy crap! I knew I should have lied about what came up.

Anonymous said...

"You can tell an awful lot about a person through an (honest) random look at their music!"

Thanks for the warning. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder, what does my choice of music reveal about me?