Sunday, August 20, 2006


As usual I'm behind the times. I try to see movies after "the buzz" has subsided, maybe because I'm trying to be cool or unorthodox. But this usually means that, by the time I've seen the movie, I already know about the shocking "penis silhouette" scene and there are no more worthwhile surprises.

No penis silhouettes in "Adaptation" (surprise!) but certainly lots of self-aware, postmodern noodling, which I was prepared for by everybody who ever explained the concept to me (and there have been many). I don't know if those people went into the movie expecting a straightforward narrative, but I didn't and maybe that was a bad thing.

Hey, problem number two: I watched it episodically, over several days. It might flow a little better if you see it in one sitting.

But rather than add to all the dross and analysis that's already been done (and no doubt is done every four months in every film course), let me just say that Nicholas Cage is sweet. I can't NOT like Nicholas Cage. It all goes back to seeing him in "Birdy" when I was twelve. He was so desperate and thoughtful and kind, yet still a big lunkhead. He was the sort of best friend I wished I had...the kind of friend who'd talk me out of the withdrawn, comatose state I expected to be in at any moment.

So any time Nicholas Cage is in a movie, I automatically sympathise with him. Seeing him play TWO characters in "Adaptation" gave me a particularly warm and happy feeling. The rest of the film could have just been a bunch of soul-searching orchid hunting with a surprise ending and I still wold have liked it.

It's been a benefit for another reason too: it inspired me to revisit Spike Jonez's "Praise You" video, which I have a compulsive urge to watch over and over again:

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koko said...

I usually ignore the tabloids but something caught my eye a few months ago…
The Kellogg’s [cereal] corporation fired Crackle, one of the beloved spokesmen or Rice Krispies. Apparently Crackle is Cap’n Crunch’s long time companion. They wed last February in Ontario. Kellogg’s replaced Mr. Crackle & hired a craggy look-alike named Whackle. Somehow “Snap, Whackle & Pop” did not have the same ring as the classic trio’s trademark announcement. Snap & Pop issued a statement through their agents about how they’ll miss Crackle, but they knew he already had other projects in the works.
Consumers worldwide boycotted Rice Krispies. Sales dropped everywhere but Texas. Kellogg’s thought of changing the name to Texas Krispies but market analysts believed the product was doomed. In the meantime, sales of Cap’n Crunch surged. Quaker cereal had trouble keeping up with the demand. The folks @ Kellogg’s backpedaled & rehired Crackle with a substantial increase in earnings.
What about Whackle? Well he’s scheduled to appear in a reality series along side other forgotten box cereal celebrities such as QUICK Draw McGraw, Toucan Sam & Sugar Bear.