Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ronnie O'Vera, My New Roommate

This weekend Vanilla bought me a new roommate, and my only hope is that I don't kill her. She's already fallen off a window ledge. Her name is Ronnie O'Vera.

I've actually never had a plant before. I've always lived in cramped, messy places with no airflow or direct sunlight. My current appartment gets about three hours of intense sun a day so I hope Ronnie's okay with that.

If she thrives then I'll be very happy and will think that I'm more responsible than I thought I was. If she dies then I can only conclude that I'd make a really rotten parent. She only requires the basic things that I should be able to do every day: water her (how much and when I don't know yet), stick some minerals in her soil, make sure she doesn't fall again.

It's not like I need to change diapers. But Ronnie is unmistakably alive (so far) and the only living things I like to kill are centipedes and earwigs, and spiders if they spin their webs near the toilet.

Any advice about the care of Aloe Vera is much appreciated!

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