Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Low-Key Devils On Heels!

Fans of the old "She-Devils On Heels" radio show, rejoice! It's coming back.

Mark has returned as co-host of the new half-hour show, which contains the same "quantity, not quality" standards of the original. Not wanting to rehash old ideas it's called "Devil Bunny Booze Hutch" now. No foolin'. It sounded slightly better than "Devil Bunny! Kill! Kill!" or "Burn, She-Devil, Burn!"

And as an added bonus we've got Ms. Divine as a recurring guest, with other guest ideas in the works as well. Wanna be a guest? It'll be easy!

When can you hear it? Well, this announcement is a bit premature. Our pilot episode got a sort of qualified thumbs-up from the CKMS Program Coordinator, but then -- not kidding -- somebody took a pee in the Studio A trash can and she got justifiably side-tracked. I'll get more info from her when she's less enraged.

So it all hinges on what the qualifiers are and what sort of slot opens up in the CKMS schedule. But even so I'm putting down my foot and deciding that I'm COMMITTED to the booze hutch...if it proves to be unworkable for campus radio, we'll put the shows online!

Errr...how? Not sure yet. But we'll do it, you rascals...we'll do it!


Anonymous said...

Oh, cool! I'll be looking forward to it.

Every once in a while I have dreams about CKMS. Usually they're awful panicky dreams where I don't have something ready to play and I can't find a CD, but the most recent one was kinda nice and laid-back.

And that is one awesome costume at the CNE!

Adam Thornton said...

Wow, I have exactly the same nightmares: I only have 10 seconds to find a CD, put it in the player, and cue it up...but the previous song is fading out and people are starting to stare at me and I haven't been paying attention. I wonder how many people who DJ have this dream? Whenever I do any kind of event, I dream it over and over again, before and after it happens. It's so consistent that I can only marvel at my brain's predictability.

Yeah, it's a pretty cool outfit! Every little kid thought I was a chicken. I can only assume that's because they're intercity children who don't live around farm animals. I was obviously at turkey.