Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Holy Grails

Ever since I started doing the "Daily Muffy" feature on my website I've had several "holy grail" locations that I've craved to violate:
  • New Hamburg, my sentimental hometown.
  • Waterloo Oxford, my sentimental highschool.
  • The Canadian National Exhibition, a yearly event that used to be fun but isn't really fun anymore.
  • Fishing in a canoe someplace.
  • The Metro Toronto Zoo, which is so huge and pretty.
  • A country & western bar with a bucking bronco machine.
  • The moon, pick a crater.
I've managed to do the first -- thanks to the benevolence of Vanilla, plant-granter -- and I'm thrilled to say that I'll be doing the Canadian National Exhibition next weekend -- thanks to the benevolence of Morgan and Craig. But the others are difficult for a lot of reasons.

The problem with the Daily Muffy feature is trying to find new places to do them, not to mention finding a person to take the pictures and a space shuttle to get me out of orbit. It's also difficult to find places that I won't get kicked out of or beaten up in.

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