Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Big Pore Solution!

You may recall that my new Cover FX foundation emphasizes the gigantic pores on my nose, and this has been causing me stress. I'm proud to tell you that there is a solution...and it's a solution that actually WORKS!

According to a secret cosmetic source, the root of my nose problem is oil, and I have a REALLY oily nose. Oil results in shine and also undermine my foundation, which reveals my pores and produces that "rotting nose" look that I've grown so fond of lately.

"Base Miracle" by Lise Watier fixes this problem. It's a matte, transparent, silicon-like gel that you apply to oily areas BEFORE putting on your foundation. It not only fills in your pores, but it also somehow keeps the oil from washing the foundation away. I tried it last night and it worked perfectly, and it has yet to cause any sort of post-application leprosy.

To further guard against foundation-slippage, be sure to only PAT your foundation on to oil-prone areas, instead of BRUSHING it on. This goes for base AND powder. For this I'm using the CoverFX Matte compact.

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