Sunday, March 25, 2007

Daily Muffy PATH Video Preview

The videos we filmed during our PATH adventure are now up on YouTube. They're short, esoteric, and shoddy...but you might think they're fun anyway.


Anonymous said...

Short, esoteric, and shoddy--neo-Hobbesian, in other words.


(P.S. Sandpaper skirts reduce slippage.)

Adam Thornton said...

I like to think of them as "Neato-Craigsian!"

True, I think I added five years of wear to the dress. But fortunately you can't really tell that I'm wriggling a bit to speed up the slide.

Eric Little said...

Well, I like the neato-Craigsian touches, and have placed it among my youtube favorites, along with Harry Nilsson singing "1941" at the BBC and Dusty Springfield singing "I Think It's Going to Rain Today."

(And isn't that kind of wriggling called "skootching"?)

Adam Thornton said...

The decline of the Skootch!

Actually no, this was definitely wriggling (a side-to-side motion). The way I understand the term, "skootching" is a deliberate forward motion. In this case my wriggling was creating (or rather speeding up) an indirect forward motion, aka a "slide."

You ever get the feeling Harry Nilsson didn't quite get over his deadbeat dad? Personally I prefer the Davy Jones remake (with Toni Basil!) but Harry just generally kicked butt. He made me briefly want to be an astronaut, until I found out about all that spinning around in gyroscopes.