Saturday, March 17, 2007

For the Love of Guelph!

Not quite healthy, but very very happy, I've just returned from "The Main Drag" in Guelph. My impressions, thoughts, paranoias:
  1. Benn, you SWEETIE! So glad you had a chance to be drunk.
  2. I find it amusing that the licensed University bars are unable to serve you a "double." Instead, they give you a single with a shot on the side.
  3. I am unable to "work a crowd." I am only able to "do my thing," which usually provokes a maximum response but still makes for an odd experience.
  4. I will not tell any stories about anybody whose name I've forgotten.
  5. My CoverFX foundation (with "Base Miracle" on my T-zone) appears to be working.
  6. Gosh I'm old.
  7. It's amusing to meet people who are "really trying," the guys who want to be relaxed and friendly but just make you a LITTLE BIT queasy with their "really, it's okay!" stuff.
  8. Last time I took a cab home from Guelph, I lucked out with a driver who was literate and sweet and told me that the world was going to end in a few years because we weren't looking after our trees.
  9. This time I lucked out with a driver who was literate and sweet and just talked REAL, you know, human-connection stuff. Very nice. These people should charge $61 for the therapy alone.
  10. Something is definitely frolicking in my attic.
  11. I need a cough drop.
  12. I was asked to demonstrate the "drag queen walk" as part of a contest. This is amusing because Vanilla (yes you!) has made observations about the "drag queen walk," and since I can't really do "the walk" myself I had to rely on her critique, which is that the "drag queen walk" is due to people wearing obscenely high heels, which cripple a person into a uniform method of locomotion. My heels are never that high, so I pretended, which I think was just confusing for the audience.
  13. The mood was good. If I were to rate the mood in terms of vinyl on ebay, I'd say VG+.
  14. It's good to feel like A Star once in a while, with the following caveat:
  15. One should NEVER feel like THE Star, because that will ALWAYS rebound back on you and shame you. Kismet, karma.
  16. What I wouldn't give for Taco Bell.
  17. G'night.


Anonymous said...

Vivat Muffy, too.


Adam Thornton said...

Muah! I'm doing my best...