Saturday, March 03, 2007

Henning Fixed My Blogger!

Thanks to his unparalleled expertise with cascading style sheets, Henning NOT ONLY repaired my blogger template...but he even explained what was wrong with it!

I must also credit Henning with first introducing me to Dana International, and also credit him with patience when I used to hide in the bathroom after customers yelled at me. Thanks, Henning!


VanillaJ said...

Dear Henning

I also am a fan of your fixer skills. You seem to be good at so many things - world domination is within your grasp. Please remember to be good to all the little people in the wings that watched and cheered your assent into corporate stardom.

Hopefully we can get together for dinner soon. I promise to bring a decent wine with graphic design on the label to signify its decentness.



Anonymous said...

Ahhh... shucks! Maybe I oughta look into carpentry, plumbing and electrical too. If houses could be configured using text editors and remote shell accounts, I might even find some success. :)

Unlike books, wine labels are extraordinarily useful indicators. If you can interpret the indicators. Before drinking the wine. Without flipping a coin or reading tea leaves.


Adam Thornton said...

Henning, you definitely need to build a cascading house! Just think: special elements you build into the roof and woodwork would be automatically adopted by the furnishings!

Vanilla's the wine expert. My criteria for a good wine is:

1. Is it Autstralian?

2. Is there an animal on the bottle?