Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog Formulae

Slander against people who may someday read the blog? No.

Nasty things said about people who may someday read the blog and therefore be sad or vindictive? Probably not.

Comments which may be stupidly misconstrued and therefore put me on a "no fly" list? No.

Personal details about friends, relatives, and neighbours? Probably not.

Esoteria about myself that nobody else can possibly relate to? Of course! Except for dreams which are notoriously dull to read about.

Reviews of music, films, or books that portray me as a passive pop-culture sponge? Only one per page, hopefully.

Whining? Depression? Sympathy? Only when necessary.

Attempts at putting the world into logical order? Yes, but only when I feel like I either know what I'm talking about and/or can be entertaining about the subject.

Politics? Rarely.

True love? Bah!

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