Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life at the Moment

A quick catch-up:
  • Avidly reading John Barth's "LETTERS," trying always to find the most comfortable spot to read it in: porch, balcony, couch, chair, bed, coffee shop, park.
  • Meanwhile proofreading a friend's satirical self-help book.
  • Also reading a book on composing white papers, since I need to produce one at work.
  • And promising, at some point, to read the graphic novels that Ash loaned me last week.
  • Editing down certain songs ("Pretend to be Nice," "Terrible Thought," "Heart be Still") for this Thursday's open drag night, and making scattershot plans for the night itself.
  • Watching the rain, the wind, and the gradual cooling of each day.
  • Tending my hand, which has gotten worse due to all this activity. Acting upon the realization that POSTURE has a lot to do with the pain, and alternating cold-and-hot soaking seems to help it.
  • Getting back, eventually, to working on UPhold's "Road to Avondale" project, and writing on Octavia-the-Neo (once my hand has improved and I start reading a lighter book), and taking the next BusWalk Tour.
  • Watching the second season of "Twin Peaks" and enjoying it.
  • Praying that I don't need to walk in the rain until I can buy new boots on the weekend.
  • Pimping for my neighbour's dog. Waiting for the right time to approach the resident squirrels.
  • Saving money with a vague hope of buying a car next spring.
  • Anticipating next month's Pridetoberfest, BBGG DJ gig, hallowe'en, birthday, and "Mother Mother" live show.
  • Jus' relaxin'.

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