Monday, May 12, 2008

An Intimate Glimpse of Four Young New Yorkers Reveals Their Preference for Best Pajamas

I don't usually bother reading the New Yorker advertisements for large department stores, but this one (November 24, 1928) for Best & Co. is fun.

Pajamas are just pajamas in most shops, but at Best's they are works of art! Simple, comfortable, distinctive, and gay as the light-hearted young things who wear them.
Such an "intimate glimpse" of these light-hearted and simple young ladies...err, young things. It doesn't look staged at all! The advertising copy tells us that Miss Marguerite Shea "displays her latest dance step, in colorful broadcloth pajamas with fast-color black braid piping." Meanwhile Miss Virginia Maurice, Miss Marty Simonton, and Miss Katheryn Baltus look on.

What *I* want to know is why they're wearing rubber boots and dancing in what appears to be a dormitory. They're so distinctive and gay, those young flapper-things of the '20s!


The Vicar of VHS said...

Hot stuff! Woohoo!


Adam Thornton said...


Anonymous said...

Guys, guys, guys! You do realize that the young ladies in question are older than your grandmoms? ;-)

The Vicar of VHS said...

S'okay. I have an imaginary time machine for just such flights of fancy.