Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ooh-La-La: Paris in the Spring!

The aforementioned all-new Daily Muffy is online now!


Just in case you're new to this concept, the idea is to present a new picture every day, meanwhile telling a more-or-less coherent story. This one is the story of how Tim and I went to Paris...and you can view it here. The pictures will be unlocked every weekday morning and you can view them at different sizes, comment on them, see them on a map, check out the growing's all so gosh-darned interactive!

Special thanks to Jenn Wilson for suggesting a way of doing this using Flickr. Hopefully it all works! Please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

1 comment:

Syd Midnight said...

The whole Flickr thing is new to me, but glad to see the Daily Muffy is back! And props to Tim, good to see your stalwart photographer.

We've always wanted to see Muffy in Paris. Well, now we have. Is "Muffy and a Garbage Can" really an artistic theme?

I once stressed out because in the excitement of an art scandal I missed out on "Muffy picks up a dead worm then drops it". Is that lost forever?