Monday, May 12, 2008

"Love and Truth" at the TICOT St. Patrick's Day Fundraiser

In March I went to Toronto to participate in a St. Patrick's Day TICOT fundraiser. I've already blogged about the joys of the trip, but here's a snippet of one of the numbers I performed ("Love and Truth" by Mother Mother), filmed by Craig and uploaded by Morgan James.

Those two ultra-sweeties also send me a DVD containing a full version of the other number I did (which I'll upload soon), along with a collection of additional cool and surprising stuff. Do you have friends who unselfishly send cool things through the mail? I hope so, especially if they send them to me!

Incidentally, this clip uses a new relativistic video process...since it travels near the speed of light you'll notice that the colour of my dress changes depending on my motion relative to yours. I've always wanted to be red-shifted!


Hilda said...

Love it! You know I love to see your looked fabulous!

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Thanks Hilda!

Maybe someday we'll be at the same STC conference again...if so I'll try to get a gig in town. :)