Thursday, March 06, 2008

Not Irish, But Game!

On Sunday, March 16th I'll be fleeing my winter cocoon in order to be part of the TICOT "Kiss Me I'm Irish" show.

Princess of the Realm (and owner of the Jenna-Duck) Morgan James is organizing and hosting the night as a fundraiser for reign XXI.

It'll be at Play on Church (504 Church St) in Toronto, so if you're in the area you should drop by and see the show...and help us raise some money! It'll be the one night you can hand me a solid bar of gold and I won't be able to keep it.


Anonymous said...

To date, TICOT has raised over $20,000.00 since Oct 2007 and we extend an invitation to all that are in the Toronto area to please drop by one of our events and help Reign XXI reach and/or surpass the goal of raising $45,000.00 by October 2008.

Adam Thornton said...

And PS: That's her gorgeous mug on the poster. And I bet they're her jewels as well.