Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'd Buy Anything By...Goldfrapp

I first heard Goldfrapp when a CKMS volunteer played the newly-released "Utopia" for me. Sounding like a cross between a James Bond theme and a piece of degraded electronica, it seemed to be a whole new form of music, something fresh and beautiful and strange. It was like somebody had taken all of my convoluted thoughts and emotions and turned them into one single song.

Eventually Goldfrapp got all glam-sexy, and that's okay too. I haven't heard their new album but I bet it has the same strengths and weaknesses of all the others: five absolutely transcendent songs, mixed in with six or seven pieces of forgettable zilch.

But I'll buy it anyway, because Goldfrapp makes me happy. They're brilliant, unorthodox, individualistic and slightly annoying people.

They haven't released enough to justify "must have" and "stay away" lists. Instead -- tangentially related to the below post about sexy dogs and cats -- here's their "Number One" video. Ridiculous, wonderful, and cute.

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