Monday, March 03, 2008

Lullaby In An Apartment House

My good fortune can't hold out forever; someday people will move into the unit adjacent to mine, and all my neighbour-troubles will begin again.

When I come here to whine and moan, please sing me this lullaby from the October 6, 1928 issue of The New Yorker.
Sleep, little one, sleep.
The sandman's going his rounds once more,
While red-hot jazz from the Palais d'Or
Steals in from Apartment 24.
Sleep, little one, sleep.
Sleep, little one, sleep.

Sleep, little one, sleep.
Drift off to the land of slumber, pet.
The Smiths have a brand new five-tube set.
If you wake at twelve 'twill be going yet.
Sleep, little one, sleep
If you can.
Sleep, precious one, sleep.

Sleep, little one, sleep.
Skim the sky on a fleecy cloud,
As Jenks next door makes drinks for the crowd.
In another round they will get quite loud.
Sleep, little one, sleep
For your own protection.
Sleep, angel one, sleep.

Sleep, little one, sleep.
The silver moon casts a magic spell.
From the Roxy organ comes "William Tell,"
As Dr. Cadman discusses hell.
Sleep, little one, sleep.
In your trundle bedlam
Sleep, harried on, sleep.
(Howard Cushman)

Admittedly my potential neighbours may require a verse for themselves:

Sleep, little one, sleep.
Permit your tired mind to heal
While 'cross the wall shouts Schnapps the Seal,
With "Doctor Who" on endless reel,
Sleep, little one, sleep
Or that freak will getcha,
Sleep, little one, sleep.


Hilda said...


I received this "Daily Candy" this morning and *instantly* thought of you!

Check it out!

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Hah, that's great! I think I need a copy of "Eyelids of the Morning" (though if there's a sequel called "Eyelids of the Evening" then I need that one more).

There's nothing like a dose of undiluted historical oddness to keep you going...I'm going to have to post a few games from my copy of the 19th century "Dicks Amusements" book.

PS: Are you going to the STC Summit in June? Yes, say you are!