Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thwarted By Mother Nature

Jan, Victoria and I had scheduled a "wine, chat, bitch, and bar" night tonight. Then Mother Nature came along and blew it all away.

Victoria wisely called in to cancel at 9pm; it was simply looking too terrible outside. Jan called several times from each of the three buses he was in, each bus stuck about 100 meters in front of the last one. He, too, finally decided to call it a night (but you can't fault him for perseverance!)

As for me, I'd spent two hours getting into drag and wasn't going to go down without a fight. I have a long record of kicking Mother Nature's butt...I'm hardly squeamish about snow, wind, and cold.

Knowing that cabs were not an option I donned my most practical boots and began to walk. The snow came up to my knees. Seriously, even with my six-inch platforms, I was walking through knee-deep snow.

So after a few minutes of this I veered into the road to take advantage of the single line of tire tracks available. It was exhausting to walk in tire tracks, and whenever a car came I needed to flounder away into a snow bank.

The wind was nearly blowing me off my feet. Snow was still falling. After two blocks I turned around and came back to my warm, snow-free apartment. Mother Nature won this one hands down. I pity the fool who's out tonight.

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