Monday, October 20, 2008

Mr. B.V.D. Beefcake, 1929

Maybe you think the Muffyblog isn't sexy enough? If so, here's your B.V.D. Beefcake from April 27, 1929.

Love the smoking jacket and the elegantly rouged cheeks, and I bet he's reading a book by Oscar Wilde.

Something I learned when I began getting into the "vintage fashion" scene is that even though those clothes were the height of fashion at their time, we now associate them with our grandparents. When my grandmother wore bakelite jewelery she looked like a princess; if I wore it I'd look creepy.

Same goes for the B.V.D.s here, which surely were sexy for their time, but when I look at them all I can think of is my grandfather putting horseradish on his vegetables and singing "Barney Google."

It takes a special sort of somebody to cut through all those associations and still be sexy in vintage styles. And it also takes a special modification of said styles to make them a tad less modest.


tanzi said...

Um, thank you, I think...
Quite the seductive pic. I am all a-fluster, now!

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Don't worry...I bet he's dead now!