Sunday, October 12, 2008

The ZsaZsaBlog IV

It's been a full month since Zsa Zsa's crisis and she seems like her old self again. I'd forgotten about all the spunky things she used to do which she'd gradually stopped doing. Now, thanks to her totally vile and disgusting soft food diet, she is back to rolling around, staring out of windows, and running up and down the stairs.

She still sits down strangely, which may be arthritis or an after-effect of last month's awfulness, and she still tries to pee outside her litterbox...probably a habit now, which is easily dealt with by strategically placing a few bowls around the basement. It's actually easier to dispose of cat pee in a bowl instead of in a litterbox.

She's even putting on weight again, but strangely it is all under her belly instead of on her back and shoulders, which are still disturbingly bony. Maybe this is just part of being an old lady.

She does do a few NEW things these days. She has an absolute MANIA for sitting on my lap...this could partially be because of the cold weather, but I think she mostly just feels weak and dependent. The few times I've tried to take her outside she has hissed and fought for her life, as though she knows she can't defend herself. This is strange considering her lifelong joy in being outside.

I'm a bit worried that she's growing less and less interested in her food. For the first few weeks she was rabidly eating it, but now she lets it sit for a few hours and only finishes half of it. Maybe she was just half-starved before and now she's back to "normal."

So Zsa Zsa's doing fine at the moment, but given our track record over long weekends I am not getting too complacent...


Kimber said...

Poor kitty. How old is she anyway?

You sound like you know cats pretty well. Can you tell my why two of my barn cats should suddenly develop a hatred for one another after years of living together peaceably? I've had to break up 3 fights in the last week!

Muffy St. Bernard said...

She's thirteen, so she's no spring chicken. But an indoor cat so she's not expected to die at this age.

Why have your cats started hating each other? There can only be one culprit: sexual rivalry!

Though more likely it's a territorial thing...maybe they're old enough now to start fighting over their space?

Kimber said...

I dunno - it's a mystery! They are all female and all fixed, and I haven't seen any handsome tomcats skulking around vying for their affection. They have three different barns to choose from but maybe they are fighting over who gets to sleep in which barn? Hmmm.

13! wow! That's a great age for any cat.