Thursday, October 02, 2008

Muffy vs. Palin

I don't believe it. I'm actually going to watch the Palin/Biden Vice Presidential debate. I even have my Palin Bingo card.

Why am I so interested? Because I want to believe that slick, deceptive, and ignorant people are totally naked under a spotlight, though I know that isn't usually true. Chances are she'll do just fine...this is a debate, not an interview.

But oh, if she says something vacuous and stupid I'll be SO vindicated.


Kimber said...

Our tv is still unhooked so I missed it. Hope you weren't disappointed. BINGO!

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I didn't get a bingo, but if I could have actually STACKED bingo chips, the number of chips on "maverick" would have collapsed the table.

Gary said...

Very funny. I thought Joe Biden was the winner, but Ms. Palin wasn't bad.

If you saw the SNL skit last weekend, then you'd know not to disrespect the work that Ms. Palin and her neighbors do by their border patrol. Goodness knows, they may be keeping America's neighbor to the north safe by challenging any Russians that they see lurking in their town. Of course that counts for international diplomacy experience!

I'm so glad that she chose to answer her way, "direct" to the American people. It's great to ignore the question. If she provided a direct, simple answer to a direct, simple question, what kind of a politician would she be?

Why is Canadian politics so seemingly tame by comparison? I don't think you had much in the way of fireworks since the Trudeau years.