Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pore Reduction

Big nose pores run in my family so it was only a matter of time before each of mine began to look like Kentucky's Mammoth Cave. On top of this, my new foundation is much less "goopy" than the old stuff, so rather than filling in my pores when I put it on it just accentuates them and makes them look like blackheads, which is not the look I'm going for.

I'm tackling this problem from a few different directions. First I'm trying to find a way to "goop them up" without making my nose look like it belongs on a different face. Every goopy thing I try -- concealer, swabs of panstick, foundation mixed with powder and water -- vacates my pores as soon as I apply my actual foundation, as if to say "look at what a great product I am, I'm actually cleaning your pores."

Annie, queen of cosmetics, gave me some Clinique pore minimizer. It's thermal active. You apply it to your nose, massage some water on it, and it begins to burn in a way that screams "I'm working!" I think what it's really doing is inflaming the skin, puffing it up so the pores look smaller, which they certainly do. But it only lasts for a few hours. Like Cinderella, I need to go home by midnight if I don't want people to see my pores, and I don't want to imagine the "glass slipper" analogue for this situation.

I could always, you know, just admit that I have big pores and be done with it. I'm not the type to take elaborate measures to disguise the way I really look, after all.




Anonymous said...

try putting a barrier cream on before the foundations. Zincofax or a similar product should work

Anonymous said...

Morgan, I LOVE YOU! This is good advice. I've never heard of a "barrier cream," and I'll do some Zincofax experiments this week.

It beats Vanilla's suggestion, which was to wrap masking tape around my nose before applying my foundation.