Friday, April 04, 2008

"Grouse a la Cunard"

Only I have the know-how and the delicacy to get all of the "Campbell's Tomato Soup" concentrate out of the can in a single scoop. That's why you come to my blog for all the best grouse recipes.

I present the recipe for "Grouse a la Cunard," revealed in a Cunard Liner advertisement from the November 3, 1928 New Yorker Magazine:
Take a young and tender grouse...cook it ten to twelve minutes in a hot oven...Place on toast two-thirds of an inch think, fried in butter and spread with foie gras...Serve with potato chips and watercress.
There you are: "grouse on toast" -- sometimes known as a "jolly grouse butty " -- complete with trademark breathless Cunard ellipses. And potato chips. On a plate it looks like this.

We previously documented the speech of the grapefruit fetishist. This time, let's see what a grouse fetishist sounds like.
A young bird, a whole bird, is the Cunard motto...There is never a cold storage grouse on board...They are sent to Cunard from various parts of the country...from Scotland as well as Yorkshire...The very pick of the market...And served...without extra a part of the regular à la carte menu.
Pant! Pant! Pant!


Anonymous said...

maybe a cooking TDM>

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Hey, now THAT'S a thought! Cheap location, all indoors, educational...