Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pictures, Some of Which Feature Feet!

I've put up a few more pictures on Flickr. Click here to look at the most recent ones. Amongst other things you will see the "hair squid" that I bought from Exoskeleton Cabaret...

The "Hair Squid" Revealed!

...and, by popular demand, a few shots of me with glasses looking oh-so-brainy.

The Glasses, Party Posture



Anonymous said...

Very Hot!

Adam Thornton said...

Thanks! And thanks to Vanilla for inspiring the "hair squid" purchase AND for helping pick out my glasses.

Anonymous said...

If you have to wear glasses sometimes, those are a good pair. Don't be so shy! You don't have to wear them always, maybe when you put them on you become Dr. Muffy, expert in all things.

Vanity and bashfulness aside, you do NOT look bad in glasses at all! Pull them out when the situation calls for Dr Muffy to focus on the horizon.