Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Photojourney Continues

Over on my Flickr page I've just added some new photos. Besides a few devoted to getting my feet in the shot -- because my feet are an important part of my body -- you'll also see part of Zsa Zsa that you've never seen before:

Zsa Zsa's Proudest Moment

In addition, I forgot to mention when I updated the photos a few weeks ago, so you can also catch Madison Hart and I doing our lame "Mod" impressions (among other odds and ends):

A You Need Is Love, Man!


Anonymous said...

cat porn? ewww

Anonymous said...

muffy , do you have the links/tutorials/text files for how to write gamebooks?
Something similiar to this?

I thought I had downloaded some very nice/satisfying tutorials, but I cannot find them. :-(

Adam Thornton said...

Cat porn for cats!

Adam Thornton said...

JJ, sorry, I haven't seen any tutorials.

A friend and I wrote a REALLY AWFUL gamebook when we were in grade 8...that's as far as I've ever gotten. :)