Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dr. Seuss and Flit: "Cupid"

From the March 30, 1929 issue of The New Yorker:

I don't blame the confirmed bachelor's anger because I have seen Erasure's video for "Heavenly Action," and nobody wants to be forced to fall in love with a dog.


Gary said...

Dunno about Erasure or falling in love with a dog. But I am reminded of a novelty song from some years back called (or having a line) "Hey, Stupid Cupid"! The underlying sentiment was to be left alone by the amore-inspiring cherub.

I know that Seuss is trying to sell bug spray, but did he have to be so inhospitable to the little fella?

(I assume that Cupid is male. I claim ignorance in this matter, and know that I cannot rely on Archie Bunker's statement in the 1970's that "Angels are smooth" -i.e., no naughty bits.)

It's probably not nice to peek and find out Cupid's actual gender (or if Mr. Bunker is correct).

Anyway, score one for Dr. Seuss developing an expanding stable of character types early on in his career.

jj said...

what do you know? A Dr Seuss Flit cartoon that is actually good. At least for me. :)

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I'm sure that Cupid was male, and that his cherubim were also male, and it seems to me that in Renaissance paintings they were depicted as anything BUT smooth.

The ones on Hallmark greeting cards are probably neutered, however. Most folks don't like their angels with genitals.

I'm wondering if Seuss came up with his own concepts, or if the Flit executives said "Do one about harems!" or "Do one about dinosaurs!"

While the jokes can be stretched pretty thin sometimes, I suspect their totally created by Seuss...they're so esoteric.

True, his character types don't seem to be just the same people wearing different clothes. Looks like he had it down quite early...