Thursday, September 11, 2008

Then The Little Truck Goes Under The Big Truck, And Then The Big Truck...

I just got the weirdest telephone survey.

Most of it was normal and seemed to center around my usage of Interac ("Also called Debit") and my recognition of the Interac brand. She wanted a detailed description of any Interac-related logos that I could remember, and she typed in every single word of my long description.

The logo I tried to describe was this one, though I'd completely forgotten that the word "Interac" was on it, and that the entire hand was illustrated instead of just the thumb. And I seemed to remember that the logo was brown.

Funny how these logos penetrate our heads halfway.

Then she asked me if I'd seen any advertisements for Interac during the past month, so I told her that I don't have cable so I don't see any television advertisements at all. Like the marketing-research drone she was, she next described a television commercial to me in great detail. It went something like this, written in terms simple enough for a child to understand, devoid of all energy, and spoken with a rapid-fire and somewhat cute Quebecois accent:
Have you ever seen or have you been told about a commercial about a man in an office who gets up from his desk and walks to the door, and then the camera moves down to show a small truck under his desk, which moves to follow him out of his office. Down in the street we see a big truck, and the little truck goes under the big truck, scraping its paint. The little truck almost collides with a second big truck. A street cleaning truck drives down the street, and the little truck becomes caught in its brushes and is thrown back out into the street. The man enters a store, and the little truck follows him into the store. Have you ever seen or have you been told about this commercial?, like I said, but it sounds like a sort of crappy commercial.

I personally like being in these surveys because I consider myself the outlier, the result that needs to be discarded because I'm not exposed to the advertising that their focus groups are. It doesn't matter what I think about their commercial, because even if they make a better commercial I'll probably never see it. My "loyalty" to Interac is entirely due it being the most convenient way to pay for things.

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