Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rock Band

How could I have POSSIBLY deserved such a wonderful time last night? At Melissa's party, all sorts of good people relaxed and chatted and frolicked in a mosquito-free environment, and then some of us played "Rock Band."

I'm new to this phenomenon. I understand how popular it is -- and I even understand why -- but it DOES seem to take more coordination than I can possibly muster at 2am after a night of drinking. I admit it, I was the weakest link, a drummer who failed by always ANTICIPATING the beats. I can't think of a comparable drummer in real life. Few rock bands take the stage without thoroughly vetting their drummer first, which I'd recommend my friends do in the future.

Fun and cute, yes. And absolutely shocking that a monster didn't explode every time I hit the kick-drum. In fact, there were no monsters AT ALL. I can only hope there's a Mod somewhere...


madkevin said...

I am unbelievably awesome at the vocals to "Run To The Hills". I'm so incredibly amazing that every time I sing it people mysteriously have to go to the bathroom or do something in another room or, occasionally, an entirely different building. I can only assume this is because it's hard to be in the same room with so much rock.

martini said...

i find it shocking that you would stopp to Rock Band. I thought you were above the common man

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I go where the fun is, Martini!

I can only hope that someday -- some way -- I will be capable enough to accompany you on "Run to the Hills," Kevin. Though I bet the drums are pretty difficult.

Gary said...

I suffer from the same talent as "madkevin". My singing could probably be used as an evacuation siren, given the look my wife gives me when I "sing."

Fortunately, I'm not the worst singer that I know. A dear co-worker also loves to sing, although she really can't. She says that she sings in the shower.

I have suggested a soundproof shower curtain... :-)

Muffy St. Bernard said...

My dad is tone-deaf. When I was a kid, he used to sing and we'd all laugh, thinking he was kidding.

Adrian said...

As a drummer... I can say playing Rock Band (on hard and extreme) is a hell of a lot like playing real drums.

Hopefully they will add a few more pads in future versions so it can be used as a real practice medium for drummers!

The vocals are pretty legit as well. It is only the guitar that doesn't really convey what it is like to play a guitar.

While I find drummers & good singers do well on Rock Band, this does not translate to the guitar. My friend who is a fantastic bassist and lead guitarist just can't get used to the 'button frets' and 'single string'.

These games did inspire a great South Park Episode (Guitar Queero)! Catch the dragon!