Thursday, September 11, 2008

Incidental Peeves

I think it's really inconsiderate when people drive up to somebody's house and -- instead of getting out and knocking on the door -- honk their horn repeatedly. Car horns are loud and they signify warning or danger, and it's not like it's difficult or unhealthy to go for a little walk now and, a walk to the front door.

You wouldn't drive up to somebody's house, roll down the car window, and scream "HAAAAARYYYY! I'M HEEEEEERE!" Would you? Say you wouldn't.

I am willing to accept horn-honking when it's raining terribly, but not under any other circumstances.

Somewhat related: it's also annoying when people program their cars to honk when they lock the doors. Again, car horns are very loud, and when you hear them that means something bad is happening. When I walk past a car that suddenly honks I pretty much jump out of my skin.

Respect for others, people! A little less noise!


Jenn said...

I kind of don't mind the quick, quiet honk if you've been waiting in someone's driveway for a few minutes. Say, like if you're picking someone up and they know you're supposed to be there at approximately that time. I don't like the whole 'hooooonk', AS someone is pulling into the driveway. Give them a minute to see you!!

The car alarm thing? Guilty. But, in my defense:
a) I didn't know I had a choice to NOT make it honk, it came that way!
b) I try to just click the button once, so that I hear it lock. Clicking it the second time is what makes it honk.

Once time I did honk it, repeatedly. Scared the crap out of two kids in my driveway, checking the doors on my car. I had just happened to be looking out my window and saw them, I reached down for my keys, hit the button four times, and watched the little buggers jump out of their skin. And then run.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Aha, so the horn is sometimes MEANT to scare people!

I didn't realize that you have to click it twice to make it honk. Usually, I'll be walking down the street, somebody will get out of their parallel parked car, and then casually click it so it honks just as I'm walking past...not to annoy me, but because they don't seem to be aware that it COULD be annoying.

Same thing with the honk-in-the-driveway thing...I have a neighbour who does this every weekday afternoon. She pulls up, goes "HONK-HONK!" immediately, waits about two minutes, then goes "HONK-HOOOOONK!"

This is only a minor life annoyance, of course (a "peeve"). I still love my neighbours regardless. And I'm sure that plenty of my activities annoy them.

Gary said...

Rudeness and inconsideration - it's no different than people talking loudly on cell phones.

But I do agree with Jenn about a "quick, quiet honk if you've been waiting in someone's driveway for a few minutes." It's just as rude to keep your ride waiting, as it is to over-honk if you're the one kept waiting in your car.

As for the whole car alarm thing - do they really prevent theft, or does it just make a car owner feel good to hear that confirming honk?

In NYC, in some posted areas, a driver can get fined for honking other than for danger. Also, the usual response to a car alarm here is, "aw, shaddup already."

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Amazing you mentioned the New York law!

Yesterday morning I was out eating breakfast, and some people at the table across the room were talking (or rather, shouting) about "rude New Yorkers." I couldn't HELP but overhear.

Despite the usual anecdotal evidence about meeting a rude person in New York City (gasp!), one of them mentioned the "no honking except in emergencies" rule, which they desperately tried to turn into a sign of rudeness, but didn't quite succeed.

I thought, wow, this is timely...

About the "honk when you lock your door" thing, I think it was intended as a reassurance for obsessive compulsives, but it has just sort of crept into common use. Or maybe you're supposed to use it when you come out of a mall, to help you find your car.

Anonymous said...

People like to honk because the noise helps them to not have to think.