Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bob And Rose Concluded

When I wrote my original post about the TV series "Bob and Rose," I'd only watched half of it.

I finished the other half tonight and I am floored.



That's not to say there weren't any false notes in the final episodes -- I count two, and one of them was unfortunately the final shot of the program -- but that doesn't matter. You never get perfection out of a TV show, but "Bob and Rose" is the closest I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Check out a show called "Slings and Arrows." It's based on a group of theatre actors, Stratford-style. Stars Paul Gross. It's one of the wittiest and most entertaining shows I've seen! -Bobby-

R.M. Lupo said...

Ahh, Paul Gross. My mom and sis refer to him as 'Canadian John Barrowman'.