Friday, February 20, 2009

Joy For the Very, Very Specific

There was a time when people with very specific interests might spend their entire lives looking for stimulation.

But those days are over! Thanks to the quick and widespread content-sharing capabilities of the internet, you can immediately find an extensive group which caters to your every whim and need.

It is my personal mission in life to fulfill as many of these needs as possible, while still maintaining a shred of decency. For instance, this picture has lead to a flurry of hits from a group devoted to "yellow clothes":


Their mandate is simple: "Yellow clothing. No nudity." And that's exactly what its 71 members get.

Far more popular (and predictably so) is this picture of me wearing cheap plastic handcuffs, which is frequently added to "women being handcuffed" pools like this one (work-safe last I checked, but I guarantee nothing for the future).


Otherwise, besides a terrible picture of me posing with a teacup dog, it's little surprise that pictures of me wearing boots often turn up in searches. Those whose photo collections contain a suspicious number of boot-shots (again, think before you click) seem particularly happy about this "broken boot" picture.

Broken Christmas Boot

My point? I guess I think that human sexuality is a wonderfully diverse thing, and it's lots of fun that I can pull a "double-fetish" now and then without ever even trying (though when Vanilla set up the handcuff shot she wisely predicted it would be popular).


Anonymous said...

can't blame the guys with the thing for yellow.

Adam Thornton said...

It IS a great colour, and you don't see it every day...

Anonymous said...

how do you find out where they put your pics?

Adam Thornton said...

Flickr users -- or at least the paying ones -- get detailed stats about how often their pictures are viewed each day and how the viewers found the pictures.

If I see that I'm getting lots of refers from a particular user's pool, I can go to that pool and see "Aha...this is all pictures of women wearing boots."

I can also tell who "favourites" my pictures, and in the case of the "yellow" photos I was asked permission to add it to the "Yellow Clothes" pool.