Sunday, February 22, 2009



Anonymous said...

Looks like the old Tandy Radio Shack line - the "TRS" series?

The model number escapes me, but I think it displayed an unusual number of text columns on the screen.

A blast from the past. Wait, I'll see if I still have my old Commodore VIC-20 or C-64. And the tape drive. Running on a one-megahertz speed CPU!

But they were fun machines...

Kimber said...


Adam Thornton said...

That would be the Model I TRS-80, actually from 1977...I got the picture from a book published in 1980, here:

And apparently it could display either 32 or 64 characters per line...which, yeah, is just plain weird.

I do remember the TRS-80, mainly the spindly cassette grade 7-8 public school had a few of them.

I agree, there's something magical about those machines...and you just don't see those slope-headed haircuts anymore!

Adam Thornton said...

Of course not, Kim...he has no briefcase!