Friday, December 08, 2006

Surprisingly Good Music: Mischa Kaye

As mentioned in a previous post, I frequently pilfer the discarded CDs at CKMS. Most of those CDs were discarded for a good reason...but some just ended up there through sheer bad luck. Here's one:

Mischa Kaye - Angora (2005)

I wasn't a fan of the cover, but something about it whispered "take me home!" And thank goodness I did!

You like quirky songwriting with a strong melodic base? You like a female vocalist who doesn't rely on the standard tricks, one who sometimes goes in for production effects that make you sit up and pay attention? Odd keyboards and hooks? Distorted treats and crystal-clear ones, often at the same time? Catchy-but-oddball beats that come and go? Aimee Mann and Sarah Craig (at her best)? So do I, which is why I'm writing this.

Why haven't you bought her debut EP yet? There's only one explanation: because you've never heard her. Few have. Go to her myspace page and have a listen for youself...try "I Stole Summer," and listen to it all the way through. If you like what you hear, please pick up her Angora EP at CDBaby. Play it for your friends and brag about how you discovered her before she achieved fame (and fortune).

What's she doing now? Mischa has already conquered Japan and Alaska (under mysteriously unexplained circumstances), but she's back in Toronto now and gearing up for new shows. She's working on a full-length album, ETA March or April '07. So now I have something to look forward to in the new year...!

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