Thursday, July 02, 2009


Season seven of "The Daily Muffy" begins on Monday, July 7th with "Voyageur," a trip down Guelph's Speed River in search of fur and frolic! The adventure will commence here on Flickr.

Voyageur Intro

These things are always a strange mix of anxiety and fun. Fortunately, when I did this on June 21st, I was gorgeously photographed by Shay and punted around by canoe-heroine Natasha. How could I NOT enjoy myself, especially on such a gorgeous day?

There are a few things to note about the shooting of this trip. The first is that I'm wearing the outfit which helped destroy my shoulder back in outfit so terrifying that I call it "The Impossible Costume." Its odd back-centric doohickeys -- which I specifically remember having trouble with on that night -- left me in so much pain the next day that I can only assume it made my problem worse. By wearing it again for this photo shoot, I wanted to prove to myself that I CAN wear just about anything these days as long as I'm careful. I was, and it worked!

The second thing to note is that Natasha did not come with the intention to be photographed, so all the pictures feature only half of a canoe: the half with me in it. Rest assured that we WERE actually afloat, though I can't pretend that the Speed River is a particularly dangerous place to be.

There was, however, the danger of the canoe flipping over every time I hobbled into it. But Natasha is a pro and she kept me high and dry.

The third thing to note is that this was part of my "Shall I continue to do drag?" experiment. I needed to see how these pictures turned out, and to improve the experiment I even bought new eyelashes (the old ones were clunky, quirky, and more dry glue than lash). I'm thrilled that I can still burn up a dress and handle the harsh rays of the sun. Drag, we're still buddies, you and I.

Anyway, be sure to check out Flickr on Monday when the journey commences!


Adrian said...

Wow, that is a great picture!!

Adam Thornton said...

Not as striking as your "Manic Mentos" picture, but it certainly has something!

Kimber said...

You're back and you're baaad! Huzzah!

Adam Thornton said...

Self-doubt is the precursor to self-improvement. :)

Gary said...

The picture makes me think of a "lazy day on the river"-kind of thing, from the 1920's. You have someone to row. And you do have a "parasol" in the boat.

All that's missing is the iced tea and someone in a straw hat strumming on a ukelele!

Very relaxing!

Adam Thornton said...

Jeez, Gary, a uke! That would have been perfect!

As it is we got a few "parasol in the boat" pictures reminiscent of ye olde England.