Saturday, September 05, 2009

Dr. Seuss and Flit: "Consideration"

This episode of "Dr. Seuss and Flit" is a bit unusual, because it comes in comic strip form.

Have you noticed that comic axes always have little notches in their blades? I suppose this is to represent that they're "used often," and maybe also to add some interest to the picture.

Most interesting, however, is the tibia that somebody chained to the wall. Bad tibia!

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Gary said...

Well, a most worthy entry!

1) You have heard of the "notches in the belt." Maybe the axeman keeps his tally with notches on his axe?

2) Obviously the prisoner tipped the axeman, as it was the custom centuries ago to pay a small sum to your executioner for a good, clean killing stroke. How else would you get such good service as a spray of Flit at the critical moment?

3) If "tip" actually meant "to insure promptness" - then perhaps a smaller tip could postpone the inevitable for just a bit longer?

4) Flit - don't leave this world without it!