Thursday, November 12, 2009

Roadbird (Metal Mix)

Awhile back I started working on a remix of one of the songs on Roade, but I got stuck halfway through. I lost my inspiration! I got sick of it!

Meanwhile I'd discovered that Chad Faragher, a fellow workmate, was interested in musical collaboration. I gave him an early mix-down of "Roadbird" and then we got back to work (you know the REAL jobs which allow us to afford these musical gadgets).

Eventually I finished my own version of "Roadbird" and put the audio up for download. I'd forgotten all about the collaboration when suddenly -- on September 7th -- Chad produced his version!

It was hard for him because he didn't have my original tracks to work with, just a messy mix-down that he was forced to record over. He added cello, guitar, additional keys, and even some voices...

...and the result had promise! But it desperately cried for a remix using both MY sources and HIS.

You know where this is going. I mixed and tweaked "Roadbird," and it was good, and I wanted people to hear it. But since people will rarely download audio files but they WILL view embedded videos, it seemed the only way for people to find out about the song was to make a video.

So I gathered together all the footage I haven't used anywhere else, and I tried to film some musically-representative things, and I finally came up with "Roadbird (Metal Mix)."

This is not my finest video moment. While I have no problems making ominous-sounding MUSIC, I find it's very difficult to make an ominous-looking FILM. So I tried a tongue-in-cheek approach. The "musical milk crate" is a lowpoint.

People ARE enjoying the song, but this might be a lesson in itself: a bare (but good) audio file could be better than one coupled with a busy (but not-so-good) video. The video might distract from the song and actually ruin the impression. I'm not saying that's the case, but it's been something that's been going through my mind.

In any case, my recommendation is to put an opaque sheet of black paper over your monitor, turn up the speakers, and enjoy!


Kimber said...

Love the song! Love the musical milk crate with disembodied hands! Love the bouncing weird red eyeball thingy!

How's that for a glowing review?

Adam Thornton said...

I am thrilled, Kim! A glowing review as exactly what I needed! :)

Anonymous said...

"Under the guise of Muffy St. Bernard, Thornton often dresses like a starlet and "lip syncs for drunk people" at Club Renaissance and other hot spots around town."

Describes the video! Loves it.

Adam Thornton said...

In this case, the "hot spots" are my bedroom, computer room, and various hallways!

Thanks Anonymous!

Eli McIlveen said...

Hey, nice mix! The original "Roadbird" has a chilliness about it that I really like, but the cello and the burbly bassline here give it some great motion.

I'm still getting caught up after some time away from the web world, and enjoying "Think" and "Swive" a lot. (And had to giggle at the "Ring of Fire" bit.)

Adam Thornton said...

Welcome back to the web-world, stranger!

Oh yes, that's certainly "Ring of Fire." It's funny how distinctive that amazing synth sound is...I don't know what Chas was using when he made it, but it sure sticks in your head!