Sunday, June 06, 2010

"Pearl" by Alysha Brillinger

I had a great time on Thursday night, helping to film the video for Alysha Brillinger's song "Pearl."

You'll be hearing a lot more about Alysha soon (if the Universal Music Group has anything to say about it), and hopefully the final version of this song will be one of the things you'll hear. Good luck, Alysha! May all your producers be productive. And may your next video have a budget higher than $0.00.


Gary said...

Whaddayamean, higher than $0.00?

The video had good music and good humor, with the skuzziest pair of faux-frumps that I've seen in a while (only Marge Simpson's sisters are yuckier!).

Okay, maybe a few bucks for wardrobe, and $4.50 for apple pie.

The lyrics were actually understandable, and the presentation just this side of acceptably racy - suitable for almost all audiences.

But who was having the most fun - the dancers in short-shorts, or the "grannies" in Spandex???

Nice job.

Adam Thornton said...

Don't forget the dollar-store beads and cat slippers, and the can of whipped cream! When I mean "budget," though, I mean "amount of money provided by record company for video."

It's truly a great song IMHO and I hope it gets some exposure! I've seen Alysha live and she's got star power.

You're right, though: the "grannies" had more fun than anybody, especially after we'd stopped trying to turn them into synchronized backup dancers! They had their hearts set on the granny stuff.

Brian Busby said...

What? Those weren't real pearls?

Wonderful work. Ms. Brillinger certainly has the pipes... and the moves.