Friday, November 19, 2010

Rolling Blackouts

Past releases by "The Go! Team" have left me slightly flat...I love their "drum corps and skipping song" aesthetic, but the intense tinniness of their albums -- possibly an attempt to recreate the nostalgic 70s sounds of listening to music on transistor radios -- quickly leads to ear fatigue.

Their upcoming album ("Rolling Blackouts") sounds like it's going to be GREAT, though! More variety, same good stuff, perhaps a little less treble:


Eli McIlveen said...

Yeah, now that you mention it, I've found their stuff a bit tiring to listen to as well - maybe it's the mix!

As for the new one, I like what I've heard so far. Hey, is that a sample from "The Point" about half a minute in?

Adam Thornton said...

It wouldn't surprise me if it was from "The Point"! That would seem like a prime sample source for them. Nothing jumps out at me but I'm not TOO familiar with the show.

I think the first Go! Team album was mixed sort-of-live with cheap tape machines in somebody's kitchen, which might explain the tinniness...then maybe they decided they liked the sound. But yeah, after a few songs I feel like my ear canals are undergoing lavage with rubbing alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I have the pleasure to hold the album with me (well, a virtual copy, but still) and I can assure you it's their best. It's much more melodic and while they are certainly maintaining their sound it's a little more clearer. I remember when their second album came out some people complained about the fact that they couldn't recognize a song from the rest, which might be true (at least on the first couple of listenings), however this doesn't happen on the new record. It's very sing-along-ish and melodic, but keeps being just as fun.