Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spud Menthol-Cooled Cigarettes

It's obvious that the best way to sell a cigarette is to call it "Spud." Here's a new advertiser in "The New Yorker" as of April 28, 1928:
Is your first puff a moist-cool surprise? Does the coolness then taper off, resolving into solid tobacco enjoyment? Does your throat get moister and smoother with each succeeding Spud...instead of dryer and raspier?

Again, is Spud your tonic when you're all smoked out...your life-saver, when you come down with a cold?
Reading this copy is actually making my throat HURT. But if there were a cigarette called "Spud" on the market, I might just take up smoking.

Sadly, I doubt that Spud Cigarettes ever took off. The other brands had such DIGNIFIED names.

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