Sunday, July 13, 2008

For Munch Enjoyment

I apologize for this sudden glut of New Yorker advertisements. I try to engineer this blog so that there are no "runs" of similar content -- personal anecdotes, pictures, videos, book reviews, etc. -- but I'm reading an AWFUL lot of The New Yorker recently, and I'm discovering SO many things that I simply can't resist posting. If I don't post them now I never will.

It's Clara Bow having her daily nibble!

What's most striking about this advertisement is its mix of '20s and '30s styles. The art nouveau graphics -- dots, pyramids, choppy picture cut-out -- are sheer '20s, as are most of the typefaces and Clara Bow's top. But her skirt, plus the audacious tone and the style of the "Chock Full O' Nuts" logo and "munch enjoyment" subheading are unlike anything I've seen previously in the magazine.

A change is afoot, I can practically smell it. This is good because -- between you and me -- I've never much liked the look of the '20s.

(The New Yorker, January 26, 1929, p.62)


Kimber said...

There is a bowl of slightly stale cashews on my living room table RIGHT NOW. It has a little dog slobber on it...does that still count as munch enjoyment?

PS: I had the STRANGEST dream about you last night. You showed up at my in-law's farm wearing a bikini and teal blue high heels. When I opened the door, you flashed me a big smile and began doing a song and dance routine. Then you invited me to come back to your fancy hotel room and swim in the pool. That's when I knew it was a dream....kincardine doesn't have any fancy hotels!

Adam Thornton said...

...and I don't have teal high heels!

That's a real oddball dream, Kim. A few nights ago I dreamed that I didn't have any high heels, so a local queen offered me a pair of decorative ceramic skis, and I was afraid they'd break.

Are you subtly hinting that people who come to your house should NOT eat the munchies?

Anonymous said...

Stale cashews with a little dog slobber on it?

Sounds like a dish at Reuebens that Clara Bow would be seen STUFFING HER FACE LIKE A SHANEFUL PIG WITH!

Kimber said...

You will have to come visit and taste 'em for yourself. How is August looking for you?

Adam Thornton said...

August is ALL good. A weekend? Overnight?

The weekend of the 16th is the best of all. :)