Monday, July 21, 2008

A HappyHuman Post: Royal Bank Customer Service Lady

I went to the Royal Bank in order to get a new client card.

The customer service representative was already saying "hello" before I'd even cleared the door. She listened to my spiel, then cheerfully walked me through the mundane procedure of getting a new card, lightening the mood by "quipping" now and then but never getting off-track or personal.

She was pleasant and professional. She made me feel like a valued customer and a distinct human being. She had a genuine smile. I liked her and I'd never even seen her before.

Thanks, customer service lady!


Kimber said...

I just had a similar good experience with a person in the service industry.

The lady who worked the Shoppers checkout had a great smile and seemed to genuinely like her job. She called me "honey," I term I usually hate, but it was so warm and friendly coming from her that I let it slide. She started fanning herself at one point and when I asked her what was wrong, she subtly indicated she was having a hot flash. I said something mildly symptathetic about it being a whole new phase of life and she ruefully agreed. It was one of those female bonding type of moments I treasure.

As I was leaving, she leaned over the counter, touched me lightly on the arm and said, "Go out and have a good time, honey. It doesn't last forever."

Adam Thornton said...

Oh, that's great!

I like to think that these people really love their jobs.