Monday, January 19, 2009

Having a Bad Day? Try the Go! Team

I was sitting at work, bored stiff and frustrated. I had a million worries in my head. My shoulder was cramped, and there was a persistent throb in my bicep which just about made my eyes water. My blood sugar was terrible and could not be corrected. My feet were wet and cold. One of my fingernails had gotten ripped through the nail plate, and whenever I handled something my nail would get caught and rip further.

Plus it was Monday. What could possibly, POSSIBLY make me happy in this state?

Only THIS:

Before Christmas, workmate Mr. App turned me on to "The Knife." Now he's done it again with "The Go! Team." If I had a firstborn I'd happily give it to him in gratitude.


Kimber said...

Fun! But...are they speaking English?

Adam Thornton said...

The first and third verses are definitely English, but I think the second one is Japanese...the shouty backup parts are in English, but I don't know what she's saying. :)

Oh, this song is just wonderful.

Cirret said...

Well, that cheered me up and now it's Sunday. Monday can only come too soon.

The Knife are great too.